MSK Programs

  • One-on-One Mentoring- Mentees are matched with their own mentor who commits to spending at least 12 months of individualized time for a minimum of 4 hours per month. Mentors are trained to listen, encourage, equip, and empower mentees with a goal-oriented and strength-based approach.

  • Group Mentoring- Mentee and Mentor workshops, group activities, and field trips are held every second Saturday of the month to provide life skills, rap sessions, and nurturing engagement.

  • Peer Mentoring- Mentees are encouraged to positively impact one another by modeling appropriate behavior and sharing acquired skills and strengths.

  • e-Mentoring- Mentees and mentors receive inspiring and insightful messages, informative webinars, and relative articles through social media, email blasts, e-newsletters, MSK and affiliate websites, blogs and live chats.

  • School-based Mentoring- Elective mentoring and life skill courses and activities are offered at area schools utilizing evidence-based curriculums which emphasize character development, and social, and emotional learning.

  • Tutoring & Academic Enrichment- Mentees may receive personalized tutoring and learning plans upon request.

  • Life Skills Training- Research-based curricula, such as Botvin Life Skills Training, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and the newly developed, Keep Her: The 7 P's to Healthy Youth Development, are utilized to keep youth on the path to success.

  • Community Service- Mentees are actively involved in service learning, such as feeding the hungry, community clean-ups, and homeless and senior citizen outreach which is interwoven throughout My Sister's & My Brother's Keeper programming.

  • Summer Employment & Internship- In partnership with The Reggie McKenzie Foundation and Grow Detroit Youth Talent, My Sister's Keeper employs youth for 120 hours during the summer. Ongoing internship opportunities are also provided.

  • Life Coaching & Counseling Services- Mentees and their families may receive individual counseling and coaching toward goal attainment.

  • Summer Programs-Multi-disciplinary summer programs are offered, including Keping Hearts with Arts (KHWA). KHWA features various art forms, such as performing arts, crafts, sewing classes, culinary arts, graphic arts, web and video game design.

  • Out of School Community-Based Mentoring-Sewing for Success & Chess for Success mentoring activities are offered seasonally to provide for relationship, skill, and self-esteem building.

MY SISTER'S KEEPER is committed to meeting quality standards for mentoring that are safe and effective. We strive to follow the nationally recognized best practices, known as the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ , 4th Edition, and established by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, to support quality youth mentoring relationships.  To achieve these standards, MY SISTER'S KEEPER has initiated the 2-step National Quality Mentoring System (NQMS) process, a national continuous quality improvement process for mentoring programs, by completing a quality self-assessment and review facilitated by Mentor Michigan+, and developing an innovation and improvement plan to promote continuous quality improvement and alignment with evidence-based practices for mentoring. Learn more about the NQMS process here.

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