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Word of the Day-PROSE

The Word of the Day is PROSE. At My Sister's Keeper, PROSE is referred to as proper or public speak and writing. Effective oral and written communication is a most coveted skill. Practice! Practice! Practice! Words have power and when used appropriately, the taming of the tongue or the power of the pen can open many doors for you. During a college acceptance or job interview, an audition, writing a scholarship essay or term paper, and giving a speech or presentation. Some have a fear of public speaking. Do you get nervous or have a fear of speaking in front of audiences. What do you do to calm down and conquer your fear? Are you a strong writer? Do you journal or keep a diary? Writing daily as well as reading helps strengthen writing skills. Reading helps expand our vocabularies. Take this vocabulary challenge: list in the comments as many words as possible with in 5 minutes that might describe how you are feeling . Set the timer and GO!

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