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  • Yes, I am my sister's keeper

  • I pledge to participate in at least 80% of MSK activities

  • I will support all MSK fundraisers

  • I will reply to calls, texts, and emails within 48 hours

  • I will show respect for myself and others

  • I will maintain confidentiality

  • I will apply the principles taught by MSK

  • I will refrain from any behavior which poorly reflects MSK or may damage the reputation of MSK

  • With a grateful heart

  • Respectful attitude

  • Helping Hands

  • A Spirit of Excellence

  • Love & Sisterhood

  • As a young woman of prayer, positivity, purpose, preparation, position, principle, and articulation

  • I will honor this pledge in word and in deed; in public, and in private

  • YES!, I am my Sister's Keeper

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